Warm Winter Update

It’s been a crazy winter here in Indiana. From frozen -49F windchills to balmy 50F days…in the same week! I normally enjoy winter, but this year I’m waiting impatiently for spring. How about you?

Winter is a great time to get a lot of planning, designing and crocheting done, and I certainly have been busy. My new Spa collection is ready to debut and I can’t wait for you to see it! But first, a few Etsy shop updates:

  • Free shipping in my Etsy shop will end on February 28th. Starting March 1st, free shipping will only be available to those on my Insiders list.  Signing up is free, just click HERE.
  • Have you noticed the updated logo? A fresh look for 2019.
  • Just type annrehandmade.com and go directly to my Etsy shop!  Easy peasy!

annrehandmade url

Now for the new Spa collection!


I’m bringing back my handmade cotton washcloths in a minimalist style along with some lovely, reusable cleansing pads. Cotton is one of the most popular yarns to use for washcloths because it is not only luxurious, it gets softer the more you use it. This eco-friendly collection is debuting in both white and natural and will be available on Etsy Monday, March 4th. If you are an Insider, you get pre-launch purchasing beginning Saturday, March 2nd.  If you want more information, just drop a message.

Until next time, stay inspired and be crafty!


❀ AnnRe learned to knit and crochet as a young child and continues to pass on her love for these traditional and timeless hand crafts.   Born and raised in the Detroit area, she now lives in Amish Indiana with her husband and son.  You can find her work on Etsy: http://www.annrehandmade.etsy.com and you can also follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
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