Freezing Weather and Hot Cocoa

Real January weather is finally here.  Even Florida is getting a taste of it.

Today I’m sharing my favorite hot cocoa recipe.  This is the classic Hershey’s recipe and a favorite of many.  I like to make mine with coconut milk since regular milk hates me.    Add your favorite finishes…marshmallows, whipped cream, a star mint or left over candy canes, caramel, cinnamon, cookies for dunking…bundle up and enjoy!

What is your favorite finish for your hot cocoa? Mine would be candy canes or star mints.

Until next time, stay warm, stay inspired and be crafty!


❀ AnnRe learned to knit and crochet as a young child and continues to pass on her love for these traditional and timeless hand crafts.   Born and raised in the Detroit area, she now lives in Amish Indiana with her husband and son.  You can find her work on Etsy: and you can also follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
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