Once upon a time, a girl with a crochet hook and a dream started a business.  Then the internet came along and that business jumped online.


I was doing some decluttering on my computer and I came across some old pictures from the beginning of my online journey.  I found one of my original logos, and a couple original product pictures.  How sad those product pictures are!  Hahaha!


I started with a blog over on the Blogger platform, and then started selling on Ebay.  That is back when Paypal was just becoming popular and actually took checks for orders.  I didn’t get started on Etsy until around 2010.


My how things have changed!  It’s fun to look back at this.  Do you have a Throwback Thursday post?  I’d love to check it out!  Leave a comment below with your Throwback story, or link to your Throwback post.

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✿ Crocheter of AnnRe Handmade ✿ Spends too much time in the garden, drinks too much coffee, runs out of chocolate, breeds dust bunnies, chases chickens and dogs, plays with crochet hooks, loves Jesus. You can find her work on Etsy and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @annrehandmade. Get exclusive free shipping, sales, previews, and giveaways by signing up for the Insider emails. No spam, it's a promise!  Click HERE now to sign up! ❀

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