UPS Strike? What if?

America may soon face its biggest labor strike in decades

upsI sure hope this doesn’t happen, but it could.  It happened in 1997 and lasted 15 days.

I mainly use United States Postal Service to do my shipping, but I do ship UPS or FedEx upon request.  USPS has been the most affordable choice for shipping my creations to you, my customers.  At this time I don’t see any disruption in my shipping process if there is a strike, but the longer a strike lingers it may start to take USPS a little longer to deliver as people begin to look for other shipping options.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with UPS and hope for the best, but know that it should have little or no effect on your package handmade deliveries via USPS.

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Until next time, stay inspired and be crafy!





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